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moplus gps motorcycle
MOPLUS Motorcycle GPS Tracker Here comes the MOPLUS, a motorcycle GPS tracker that will definitely stun you. Coupled with IP65 dustproof and waterproof case, it eliminates your worries about malfunction in tough conditions. Using the simplest design, MOPLUS has useful ability to cut off fuel and power without complex wiring. Furthermore, intelligent power management mechanism ensures maximum battery protection. MOPLUS is the best choice for motor renting, tracking and fleet management. GPS +AGPS Tracking Provide up-to-the-minute speed and location updates. ntelligent power management Save power when the device stops moving. Vehicle battery protection It is designed to deliver optimal power performance for batterymanagement. IP65 dust and water proof Dust and water proof feature enables it to work under extreme weathers or conditions. ACC detection of ignition status Let you know when the ignition is started and stopped. Remotely cut off fuel/power Let you know when the ignition is started and stopped. Multiple alarms Alerts will be triggered if overspeed, vibration, etc. detected.


 GSM Specification

GPS Specification

 Functional Specification

 Real-time GPS+AGPS tracking IP65 dust and waterproof Intelligent power management ACC detection of ignition status Remotely cut off fuel/power Vehicle battery protection Multiple alarms
GSM frequency 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GPRS Class 12, TCP/IP Memory 64 Mb Phase error RMSPE<5,PPE<20 Max output GSM850/GSM900:33±3dBm GSM1800/GSM1900:30±3Bm Max frequency error ±0.1 ppm
GPS chipset MTK high sensitivity chip Frequency L1,1575.42MHz C/A code GPS channel 66 Location accuracy <10 meters Tracking sensitivity -162dBm Acquisition sensitivity -148dBm TTFF (open sky) Avg. hot start ≤1sec,Avg. cold start ≤32sec
Voice monitor range ≤5 meters Battery 270mAh/3.7V Working voltage/current 7-18VDC Operating temperature -20℃~ 70℃ Dimension 80(L)*43.0(W)*13.0(H)mm Weight 48.5g Standby time 60 hours Working time 3 hours Operating Temperature 5%-95%, non-dense

3G gps tracker T333


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